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Dear Friends,

I am updating this page as we close out 2018 and enter 2019. Things are starting to fill in already. We hope you can take advantage of the opportunity to see a show this coming year. We've got some new merch, too!

Bongodogs are on Facebook now. I actually update that more often. Ah change....

I hope you'll browse through the whole site here and check out all the pictures and other cool stuff Sandy Feet has added.

And now a word from our sponsors...

This website has been envisioned, created, and maintained by Sandy Feet and Fred Mallet. They are truly the MOST wonderful people on the planet! If you are ever in need of computer help, web site design, or just want to build a few sandcastles, go back to the home page and click on the little feet at the bottom! We love you guys!

Peace,Love,and GOOD MUSIC!

David Cassady and The Bongodogs

Here is our current 2019 show schedule:

Saturday January 5 Jackson St Market Days 11am

Saturday January 12 Longboard Bar and Grill 9pm

Saturday March 2 Jackson St Market Days 11am

Saturday May 25 Wanna Wanna 7pm

Saturday June 22 Wanna Wanna 7pm

Saturday August 31 Wanna Wanna 7pm

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