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A MUST SEE on South Padre Island! Everyone, kids and adults alike, will dance until their legs turn to jelly…

Lisa Marie Gomez, The San Antonio Express-News


The hottest thing to be added to my Mac’s iTunes playlist in a very long time and I guarantee it will get you up and dancing…    

Sandy Feet, The Coastal Current


Propelled by a great horn section, Joey’s songs get the feet and hips working…     

Bruce Lee Smith, The Valley Morning Star


Every member of the Bongodogs is an accomplished musician with years of experience and wonderful talent…

Priscila Noriega, The Brownsville Herald


A truly special and unique sound…        

Dora Lomas, South Texas Entertainment Magazine


They have a great time entertaining you, and it is infectious…

The Mesquite Review



 Joey Tamayo – Singer/Songwriter

Cathi Quick – Trombone and Vocals

David Cassady – Bass

Dave Lohry – Guitar

Steve Philippus – Trumpet

Tom Smith - Trumpet

Terry Tomlin – Sax

Eric Hines – Steel Drum/Percussion

Phil Hill – Drums

Bookings: David Cassady (956) 421-3293

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