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Bongodogs CD Release and Beach Party, May 18 at Parrot Eyes

by sandy feet

The good news is that Chato is still getting released from the pen on a regular basis. More good news: All the pretty home girls are still smearing on that lipstick and shaking their collective booties to the song most often requested (after Margaritaville and Brown-Eyed Girl) of local bands.

While the best place to hear "Chato's Out of Prison" is still from the middle of a crowded dance floor on a steamy summer night at a bay or beachfront palapa bar , I am happy to tell you that there is now a new "Chato" available for you to pop in the car or home stereo whenever you start missing the Island.

Joey Tamayo - former drummer and songwriter for the infamous "Connectors" - has done it again. The BONGODOGS new CD, "Puro Caliche" is the hottest thing to be added to my Mac's iTunes playlist in a very long time and I guarantee it will get you up and dancing around the kitchen. You know you want one, so you better make sure to get over to the "past, present and possibly future Bongodogs" reunion and CD Release Beach Party over at Parrot Eyes this Sat. (May 18 - starting at 7 PM) and pick up your own personal copy.

For the uninitiated, the Bongodogs are accomplished musicians who've "been there/done that" and get together to play ORIGINAL music because they LOVE IT, not because they've got to pay the rent. Catch an (all-too-rare IMHO) live performance and there will be no doubt in your mind that these musicians are having BIG FUN and it really is contagious. (They are NEVER late from a break - in fact, I don't think they even TAKE breaks!) This weekend, they will be welcoming a return visit from "Professor Tom" and his silver trumpet -- which will make it a special night indeed.

"Chato" is the only track that harkens back to the old Connectors days, but a new generation of Bongodog fans will undoubtedly recognize such brassy crowd-pleasers as "Media Noche," "Veeronga" and "Boca Chica." With "Puro Caliche," Joey and Co. have truly captured the Jazzy-Tex-Mex-Reggae-Where-The-River-Meets-The-Sea sound that could only come from Deep South Texas -- all on a little silver disk that will travel to Europe with me this summer.

This weekend won't be your last chance to pick up a copy of "Puro Caliche", but it could be a while before you get another, and you may wind up castigating yourself in the immortal words of Chato's Daddy-- "I'm gonna kick your (hiney) if you (miss an opportunity like this) again!"

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